These are just some of the services I can offer you. If you cannot see what you need, please contact me to enquire.

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Maintenance and Updates From £15 / month (depending on requirements)
  • Maintain and upgrade WordPress and plugins
  • Keep your site secure by keeping everything up to date.
  • Publish updates to your website pages upon request.
Backup and Archiving  From £20 / month (depending on requirements)
  • Daily / Weekly remote backup of your entire website and database(s)
  • Monthly archiving to tape
  • Archive storage from 1 year (or longer if required)
  • Restoration of lost/old data
 Training Cost dependent on requirements
Training can include:

  • How to post on your website / blog
  • How to update your pages and content
  • How to add / remove and manage users
  • How to manage / approve content and comments from the public

and more… I can train you on any of the advanced / custom features you require.

please contact me to arrange a consultation.