Simple Download Monitor Widget

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Adds a widget to display 1 or more downloads from Simple Download Monitor by Tips and Tricks HQ.

Requires the plugin Simple Download Monitor by Tips and Tricks HQ. Please ensure this plugin is enabled before enabling the Widget.

I have used the Simple Download Monitor plugin on several websites and I needed a way to display the latest download in a widget, as the original plugin currently does not include this feature (March 2017) here is my version of the widget.

 Simple Download Monitor Widget Features

  • Display downloads from Simple Download Monitor in a widget
  • Display from only one category or from all downloads
  • Specify different post states (published / draft etc.)
  • Order results Ascending or Decending
  • Order by post names, date, author and lots more options
  • Optional (and pretty standard) widget title
  • Show text or custom html under each download
  • Customise how the post date is displayed.

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  1. Version 1.0 has been release! Download it now.

    Please feel free to comment with suggestions / feature requests or any feedback.

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